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Rimera fan as addition to every interior
Meeting the expectations of the most demanding users, Dospel offers its most advanced and exclusive Rimera fan. High efficiency, solid construction, based on innovative microprocessor systems, precisely designed, hybrid propeller testify to its perfection in every detail, and the design look makes the room gain an unique character.

Inspiration in ventilation

Silent fans with light-up, exclusive front
RIMERA fans are a series of devices with an unique, modern look that complement the bathroom, kitchen or bathing room decoration. Dospel's products delight not only with the unusual aesthetics but also with the innovativeness of the applied solutions. RIMERA fans are equipped with an electronic system that continuously controls light pulses from the outside, the level of humidity in the room and motor speed. These fans are adapted to work in two configuration.The first one is adapted to be switched on when the humidity level in the air is exceeded. The second one reacts to the appearance of a pulse of light. Both of these solutions allow to adjust the settings to individual preferences of users.

Light-up front

Discreet ventilation

Quiet and discreet undertile fans

Automatic opening

Solid construction

The unique design of the fan allows to nearly hide the device. As a result, the fan discreetly reminds of its presence only when it is necessary.